SEA 'Aware'

Project 'Aware', 19th September 2009

Project 'Aware', 25th September 2010

Project 'Aware', 25th September 2010

Beach Clean Up Day - Albufeira – Praia da Coelha over the cliffs to Praia do Castelo then onto Praia do Evaristo.

Participants: 10 persons.

Waste Collected:

Many Glass bottles, Plastic bottles and containers, fishing traps, metal parts and containers, lamps, oil and beverage cans, food and tobacco containers.10 Project Aware Bags of 100L bags were filled with all kinds of rubbish.

We would like to thank:

We would like to thank everyone that helped us this year on this clean up walk over the cliffs and by the beaches, as it´s not just the underwater world that needs cleaning on this international Clean up day.

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