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Project 'Aware', 15th September 2007

Project 'Aware', 15th September 2007

Project 'Aware', 15th September 2007

Albufeira Marina – Baleeira Beach - Beach Clean Up Day.

Participants: 15 Divers, 7 people on the surface, 2 people on support boat, 1 garbage truck.

Waste Collected:

Glass bottles, plastic bottles and containers, fishing traps, rod and rope, shoes, metal parts and containers, batteries, radio, lamps and projectors, oil and beverage cans, food and tobacco containers, several working tools like pliers and hammers. One anchor. 7 more bags were filled with all kinds of rubbish.

We would like to thank:
Mr. Carlos Vieira, who was so kind as to give us support with his boat during the beach clean up.
To the “Associação de pesca desportiva e recreativa da Baleeira” and the Câmara Municipal de Albufeira for helping with the truck to collect all the rubbish.
To the Delegação Marítima de Albufeira for providing all the necessary safety conditions.

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