Welcome to Indigo Walkers!!

Lead a stressful life back home and want to escape to the beautiful area of the Algarve and go walking? Or just love the great outdoors and the thrill of walking through new spectacular countryside - wish to see a different side of the Algarve? Then our guided walking holidays or day walks are probably for you!


We are an established company here in Albufeira branching out into this new and exciting area of guided walks through the Algarve. We personally have lived here for years, exploring the different areas, country lanes, cliffs and beaches along the coast, observing life changing through the different seasons.

Come with us and let us show you a new perspective of Albufeira / Algarve not just Bars, Clubs and restaurants – discover the hidden peaceful side!

We wish to share this beauty with you by offering tours of the Algarve region where you can experience the local culture, history and see some amazing scenery in the countryside and coastal areas. Exploring new landscapes it's an exciting way to spend a day.

Whether you’re in the Algarve on a family, golf holiday or even Scuba diving with us and would like a different day out, on your own, with the family, as a couple or in small groups. We offer a wide range of guided tours from more adventurous, with long distance walking off the beaten track taking you through the beautiful Algarvian countryside or relaxing coastal & countryside / cliff walks stopping to try the local pastries available. Our experienced and friendly staff will suggest the best excursion for you.

Our company is fully recognised by the Portuguese Tourism Office. License Nº 32/2007. All our clients are individually protected by a personal accident insurance. In our company we endeavor to help care for the environment, offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere in small groups with our professional guides which are all First aid Instructors.

We offer transport from the shop to the starting point of the walks and can do pickups from hotels.

Our guided walking is available all year although we recommend the best time is between September and May as June - August is normal very hot making walks less comfortable. You like walking along the coast or do you prefer a more challenging route cross country? Talk to us and book now!


Discover the country side of the Algarve where time has stood still.



We walk daily all along the Algarve coast!
Please check out some of our walks available below!


When thinking of coming on one of our walks - ask yourself:

  1. Have you done a lot of walking before? - If so any of our walks will be good for you. If NOT maybe start on an easier relaxing walk first.
  2. What is your health like, do you have problems with your knees? – If you have problems with your knees maybe a long cross country walk isn´t the best for you, but we have many more amazing walks.
  3. Who do you want to do the walk with – Family, Friends, young, older? - Coastal & Country walks are fun for the younger as they can get wet / run a lot having the best of both worlds for example.

Recommendations to bring on the walks:

  • Relaxed mind, leave your stresses behind
  • Comfortable walking shoes, i.e.: trainers
  • Sun protection even in the winter months, hat, sun cream, jumper (can get windy)
  • Snacks – depending on the walk if it´s a half day or full day. Some walks we stop where you can buy something, others are of the beaten track with no shops.
  • Water – We provide 1 bottle but if you wish something else or more.

Follow the established routes & marking set by the guides:

  • Respect the trail
  • Careful with the cattle & stray dogs, don’t touch them
  • Avoid making noises that can disturb the natural environment
  • Don’t damage the plants and trees observe at a distance with binoculars
  • Do not leave trash behind; bring what you use back to a bin
  • Close all gates and leave everything as you found it
  • Respect private property
  • Don’t make any fire
  • Do not collect flowers, fruits, bushes or rocks
  • Be polite to the locals and try to explain what you are doing



Indigo Walkers will make every possible effort to ensure your safety, but like other activities you must accept it´s not without some risk, as you are walking in remote areas up and down narrow path ways and off road terrain. They must be responsible and careful when walking.
In the unlikely case of any serious problem we at Indigo Walkers have Individual Insurance which is required by Portuguese law. Please advise us if you have cover for personal accident and personal liability holiday insurance in advance.

Cancelling or changing a booking:

If you wish to change your walk to another day or to a different walk than your original booking this is possible if given enough notice via email. We can´t guarantee this though! If you wish to cancel the booking completely please email us this although the deposit paid will not be refunded.


Please call or email us which walks you would like to do and the dates: we will reply confirming your schedule of walks. Deposit of 10 Euros is required on booking Half or Full day walks, a larger deposit if booking more days may be required. The balance is to be paid on the day of the walk.
There is a minimum of two participants required for a walk to go ahead. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if this minimum isn´t achieved. We will endeavour to reschedule a walk ASAP though.


You will be walking in a small group of people with differing backgrounds, we expect you to be polite not cause distress or annoy others during the walk otherwise we reserve the right to refuse or debar a person from any further walks.
We expect you (the participant) to advise us of any medical condition that would cause problems in your full participation in the walks - Reserving the right to refuse the booking due to this - Advising you of a more suitable walk instead.

If we cancel your booking:

We are unlikely to cancel your booking unless due to possible weather conditions considered too bad by the walk leader. If cancelled we will give you a full refund or arrange another date for your walk. We will not be liable for any additional costs or expenses incurred.


Our walks are open to all ages as long as health allows!
A child under 12 years is not allowed on the long cross county walks and until 18 years requires parental supervision. Our coastal and Country walks younger children can come only under direct supervision of their parents. Although we reserve the right for our walk leader to refuse a booking if they believe the walk is too difficult for the child.


If you have a complaint about our service or program please let your guide know so they can try and resolve the problem otherwise there is a complaints book in the shop if required, and the management will endeavour to resolve the problem ASAP.

Get in touch with us, any time of the day!

We're always available. If you want to talk about your Walking trip that you want to do, or if you just want to visit us and say hello, don't hesitate to send us a message via the form below.