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We have other staff that you will see during the year from Steve Roberts our regular PADI Divemaster with a lot of experience of diving all over the world and here in the Algarve to guide you, Kinnie Rassineux PADI Instructor that will show you all the nudibranch of the Algarve and Andre our boat crew there to help your day on the boat and keep all safe while you are diving among other people.


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Don’t buy the first thing you see! Understand what the diving industry is talking about! Low profile, D-rings, ACD etc…


When thinking of buying equipment – ask yourself:

  • 1. Are you going to dive a lot? If so where - warm or cold water?
    - If Yes to the 1st question then buy the best equipment you can afford. Correct Regulators for cold water or correct thickness of suit for the area you dive the most is important.
  • 2. Are you going to be a holiday diver? Just a few times a year!- If so think about only Mask & Snorkel, Fins, Gloves and a thermal top for now!
  • 3. You dive a lot but only on holidays? – then get light weight travel equipment!

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If you are wishing to work in Portugal & love diving, team work, teaching and high standards then please contact us. We are interested in people that already live in Portugal and are Instructors, who wish to work Part Time or Full Time throughout the season every year. Or are you thinking of moving over here, I know many people come every year just for the season – we are interested in building a good working relationship with someone that would like to come back in following years…



Every year we are looking for Internships to work in the Centre and train up to a Professional.

Do you have what it takes to work in a Dive Centre?

The interns work is – Early starts!!! We start the day by welcoming the clients and packing the equipment for the divers if it’s not done already! Then loading the Van ready for diving. An Intern would be trained to mainly guide dives with qualified divers always with an Instructor on the boat or Beach as well. After diving there is looking after and cleaning the equipment correctly, talking to the clients and filling logbooks out! Then later filling tanks for the following days dives with the other staff. When not diving you would be helping the Instructor with students, in and out of water (swimming pool and open water) & studying for your courses.

Does this sound like something you would like to do ? - you must be social (Divers and Students love to talk), good time keeping and polite to all our clients! You must have good fitness as there are a lot of tanks to carry daily and diving daily is tiring! You would learn how a Centre is run, and see and learn a lot more than in a normal course. We do not Pay cash but supply courses and dives! We will train you up to Divemaster and you will do many, many dives along the way!!

There are further opportunities for people that are already Divemaster and wanting to do a Instructor Internship or wishing to continue on after Divemaster Intern and become an Instructor.

If you are interested in the Internship programme and have any questions please email or call me (Jo) or Steve for more information and schedules!

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We Perform Regular inspection and servicing every 100 dives or annually


Regular inspection and servicing every 100 dives or annually is important to the continued safe and reliable use of your scuba equipment. We can service most popular brands of Regulators, BCDs, Wetsuits and other scuba diving equipment. For specialized repairs with Dry Suits, Computer, Cylinders etc.. we can arrange inspection but will take longer as this is not done in-house.

Our technicians are manufacturer trained. We have certifications in store for your viewing. We only use genuine parts.

As our Centre represents Aqualung – we specialize in all models of Aqualung Regulators, SeaQuest BCDs, Suunto computers, and Technisub products!

Regulators are stripped, Ultrasonically cleaned, inspected and necessary parts are replaced with Original Manufacturers parts.

Want to see how Scuba Equipment is made? Then look here:

Making a Scuba Regulator
Making a BCD
How to Make a Steel Scuba Tank
Making an Aluminium Scuba Tank
Making a Scuba Depth Gauge

Please call if you have a specific query or for further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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