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PEDRA DO ALTO (13-19 meters)

This reef runs from the north going south getting deeper. Following along this route there are many rocks 2 – 4 meters high and short walls to follow that have many holes and overhangs to look into and under, then coming to a larger area with 3 main big rocks 5 - 6 meters high where schools of fish gather like sea bass, sea bream and trigger fish. There is a great variety of life over the site on the other rocks. Look out for Giant Nudibranch which this site has many of (good for photography – they don´t move ), spider crabs, octopus, congers and moray eels.

ARRIEFES (12 meters)

This site is spread over a vast area, consisting of a long formation of rocks forming a wall to follow with many other rocks around to look under and in the holes. Look closely onto the rocks to see the varied anemones and their beautiful colours, while you’re that close look for the different Nudibranch on the rocks. This can be a long, relaxing shallow dive exploring all the different areas, furthermore look out for Octopus, and different crabs while schools of small fish past you.

Alien Head Reef ( 10-12 meters)

Alien head rock , just a bit east of Santa Eulália is another small reef ,not so many divers go there but it´s teeming with life . The biggest feature is a large rock that from one side looks a bit like the alien from Aliens Its funny diver posing to have photos with their heads in its mouth, if you look at the eye it may look back as a Octopus is quite often found there. The first time i went there It had loads of massive spider crabs around it with a leg span of 3 ft , Conger eels, lots of trigger fish and schools of bream.

STA.EULÁLIA (10-12 meters)

This dive you follow around in a circle, with groups of large rocks in the middle up to 5meters high and small rocks around about 3meters. Follow this and you will see a wide range of species, smaller fish, nudibranch and octopus. On this reef the fish breed so you will see baby bright blue Damsel fish and sea bream, wrasse…

PEDRA DA OURA (8-12 meters)

This Reef has one main large rock that has interesting holes and areas to look through and see schools of fish, with 4/5 other large rocks that you can swim around, finding Octopus, many crabs and blennies on the rocks. If you look closely onto the rocks they are full of different anemone with beautiful colours. Look above to see Trigger fish, sea bream and also look out for Mullet and sea bass. A Shallow dive but has a lot of life to see during the dive.

2 ANCHORS (18-24 meters)

This dive site is a wall dive but with a difference, forming in a semi-circle! At one end there are big overhangs where you find congers and moray eels, follow along the wall into a small alcove to find 2 big old anchors over 2 meters, covered in small Nudibranch and blennies. This wall is 5 – 6 meters high in areas where you can then follow between large rocks to an area on the other side of the semi circle with groups of rocks 4 – 5 meters high, very wide and with overhangs where you can find spiny lobsters, big spider crabs and Octopus. While you’re diving this reef, look out for large sea bream.

PEDRA DAS CORVINAS (10 - 12 meters)

This site is ideal for beginners or divers wishing a relaxing shallow dive with a vast variety of life. It is in the shape of a rectangle although at either end there are also separate rock formations you can go and explore. One side of the reef is quite tall with areas to look in and around, where you can find many shoals of fish, spider crabs and different Nudibranch. Go on top and look out for small Octopus hiding in the holes, then as you venture to the rock formations at the end look for big Tube anemones and cuttlefish.

VALADOS (13-24 meters)

A fault in the ocean some 2.5 miles out – in front of Armação de Pêra – spectacular overhangs and caves usually good viz with a profusion of life including crayfish. We have many different dive locations along this reef, with many different styles of walls to follow with large rocks and overhangs to look under and around. The Wall has areas as shallow as 12/13meters good for beginners – following down to 18 + meters.

Artificial Reef - LARGE Blocks (22 - 30 meters)

This is a LARGE interesting Artificial Reef, with two Large 8-10m square concrete blocks about 15 meters apart from each other with many holes in for life to grow and for you to explore. They were put down between 2000-2003 to get more underwater life to the area. There are many schools of fish and large conger eels living there.

Artificial Reef - Blocks (23 - 27 meters)

This Artificial Reef consists of many smaller concrete blocks (20+) with holes in each side, all together allowing the fish and conger eels to swim between and through. This is great dive site for photography, easy to navigate.

We have more dive sites to choose from in this area!

Albufeira - Dive Sites

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