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P.P Caves (7 - 12 meters)

Is sites consists of a Main rock which has 2 really large swim throughs and a smaller tunel swim though. Then around rock formations and wall areas that you can also follow. This is a great night dive as in the swim thoughs you get the fish resting at night and can also find squid.

MASKS REEF (7 - 12 meters)

This Reef looks like a table top being a large rectangular rock with large over hangs all around and at the ends. In the middle of this there is also a nice swim though where the light comes down and is great for photos where you can find the fish hiding. Around this main rock there are many other rocks from 2 - 4 metres high that you can look in and around to find Nudibranch, Octopus, Cuttlefish and then schools of sea bream, damsel fish and sea bass.

ROCHA NEGRA (14 - 16 meters)

A Volcanic rock that you can see from above sea level follows down underwater into a very nice big wall dive 5-7meters high with big overhangs to look under. Here you see a lot of Fan corals that you don’t see in Albufeira area, bigger sized bream, Sea bass, congers and spider crabs etc…

PORTO DE MOS (15 - 19 meters)

Groups of large rocks / wall of 5-6 meters high that you can follow around. There are many holes and gaps between the rocks where you find congers – very interesting dive with colourful corals, with plenty of fish and life to see during the dive.

RONDÃO DO ALVOR (14–22 meters)

This reef has many rocks that are flat on top, angled down of which you can follow around in a circle, swimming between the rocks and looking under many overhangs where you will find a long cave which normally has many spider crabs inside. Outside there are many big sea bream, different nudibranch and octopus. This site is full of life usually.

ÂNCORA (12 – 20 meters)

This dive has a wall to follow and many large rocks with overhangs where you find many old anchors. Look out for spider crabs, sea bream, congers etc.. here.

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Lagos - Dive Sites

  • Lagos

    37°06'12.1"N 8°40'20.1"W

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