Vilamoura - Dive Sites

THE BLOCKS (18 meters)

This is a Artificial reef of 1meter square blocks with circular holes in them, about 20 in a group that are full of BIG Bream, Trigger fish and many more. They grow big as they can hide in these blocks away from fisherman.

BALANCEAL FORA (20 meters)

This is a beautiful big wall dive that has many holes to look in that have conger and moray eels. This reef also has many schools of fish.

PEDRA NOVA (18 meters)

One main large rock flat on top and sloping at the sides with holes and cracks to look in, which has plenty of trigger fish, octopus, and squid, also have a look for baby congers, moray eels. Easy dive that has a lot of life.

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Vilamoura - Dive Sites

  • Vilamoura

    37°05'40.3"N 8°07'37.0"W

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