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CAVES OF SAGRES (15-24 meters)

3 fantastic Caves –go into an air pocket and see the beautiful stalactites in a great room in a cave, dive through small easy holes in a cave and if you want just stay outside on the reef with large rocks with many corals and fish around.

IIHAS DO MARTINHAL (12–25 meters)

This dive has some very big dive throws! As you dive through them you have an amazing light coming from above on the inside. On this dive there are many different nudibranch, congers, morays, octopus and a profusion of life to see.

SHADOWS CANYON (8–25 meters)

Come to Sagres harbour and look in front – you will see some beautiful Islands that we dive. There are two Islands therefore we can do 2 different dives here. There is a nice Cave to look into, with many large rocks around and overhangs. These Islands have many areas that are protected from the winds and get a lot of life, from many sea bream, damsel fish, star fish, spider crabs, spiny lobsters etc…

CARRAPATEIRA (8–16 meters)

A dive Safari – we go to the West Coast of the Algarve, but it’s well worth it!! This is next to a famous surfing beach, but where we dive is in a protected cove. There are 2 different dives here. The 1st to the right of the Cliff with 4-5 meter rocks to swim around till you find a canyon to dive through which is very nice. On the 2nd dive this is in front of the entrance where there is a Island to dive around with a small cave and many overhangs to look under, with rocks around. You may find congers, rays and crabs with many different fish around you. We can only dive here if the wind is low and the weather is good.

Wreck dive: "Torvore", (27 - 32 meters)

This dive site is full of life with some netting and fishing traps but also sometimes with a special attraction, a couple of Sun fish. This Norwegian steam engine boat was sunk, by a German submarine, during the 1st world war when transporting coal from Swansea in England to Naples in Italy, both German enemy harbors. On the 24th April 1917 the U-35 German submarine sunk this and 3 more ships along the western cost of the Algarve near Sagres. Its captain Lothar von Arnauld de la Periére holds to date the most number of sunken ships with the same submarine. His strategy was to go on board, get the ship documents and keep them as proof, send the crew to shore and only then sink the ships with explosives preventing any deaths.

Burgau Wreck, (5 - 10 meters)

Barge Vessel sunk in the 80s when transporting rocks to the harbor in Portimão. It is 30m long, with many areas to look through. This has become an artificial reef full of life in the middle of sand, look out for big octopus, cuttlefish going through the wreck.

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Sagres - Dive Sites

  • Sagres

    37°00'37.7"N 8°56'36.8"W

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